Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mama's Last Prayer

"Help me O lord, at the point of impeachment, to mock the haggard face of fear. So that when I fall, if fall I must, my soul shall triumph on the floor of the house."
This aptly describes a prayer point which should be given to our embattled speaker, madam Patricia Olubunmi Etteh. I know by now that she and her lusterless supporters must be eating fat dollops of humble pie as the house is set to to put an end to her long-drawn sit-tight drama. It beats me that in a civilized society such as ours, some beautician wants to caress us into letting her sit as a judge in her own case; dancing yahoozee with our intelligence. But thank God for the likes of Farouk Lawan and Linda Ikpeazu, both of whom were very instrumental in toppling madam's applecart.

If eventually madam Speaker steps down, which I think is the most honourable thing to do, it shall be a very big victory for our wobbly democracy. The flip side however, is that womenfolks may never get this chance in a long time. And this raises another question: are the ladies as corrupt as their male counterparts? If asked, I'll respond with a very big Yes. Madam Speaker has shown Nigerians that perfidy is not gender-biased; it astride the gender line. What a man can do, a woman can equally do.

Lets all say a big AMEN! as Mama concludes her prayer. The funny thing though is that her eyes were wide open while the prayer was going on. WATCH AND PRAY!!

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