Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mama's Last Prayer

"Help me O lord, at the point of impeachment, to mock the haggard face of fear. So that when I fall, if fall I must, my soul shall triumph on the floor of the house."
This aptly describes a prayer point which should be given to our embattled speaker, madam Patricia Olubunmi Etteh. I know by now that she and her lusterless supporters must be eating fat dollops of humble pie as the house is set to to put an end to her long-drawn sit-tight drama. It beats me that in a civilized society such as ours, some beautician wants to caress us into letting her sit as a judge in her own case; dancing yahoozee with our intelligence. But thank God for the likes of Farouk Lawan and Linda Ikpeazu, both of whom were very instrumental in toppling madam's applecart.

If eventually madam Speaker steps down, which I think is the most honourable thing to do, it shall be a very big victory for our wobbly democracy. The flip side however, is that womenfolks may never get this chance in a long time. And this raises another question: are the ladies as corrupt as their male counterparts? If asked, I'll respond with a very big Yes. Madam Speaker has shown Nigerians that perfidy is not gender-biased; it astride the gender line. What a man can do, a woman can equally do.

Lets all say a big AMEN! as Mama concludes her prayer. The funny thing though is that her eyes were wide open while the prayer was going on. WATCH AND PRAY!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bush Bellicosity

Flashing back to when I was still living with my parents, I could remember having to deal with my Dad's presentation of men like Abraham Lincoln in the light of true democrats. I would often jab him with a reminder that Lincoln waged a war against the south when they decided to exercise their fundamental right of self determination. Then he attacks, dismissing my opinion as mere bombast and braggadocio. This attack paves way for the litany that follows. I would always end up boxed to a corner.

Though the brainstorming session was more or less like ME AGAINST MY DAD as against ME AND MY DAD, I've found myself relying more and more on his arguments as a way of understanding some of the things happening around me. So permit me here to use the following postulate as a prelude to starting this writeup on the Bush bellicosity.

"In the folklore of American politics, the Democrats are known to be a party of depression while the Republicans are known to be a party of war. Lincoln was a war President and to that extent he was bellicose. But there is a clear difference between defensive bellicosity and aggressive pugnacity; President Lincoln was however was being defensively bellicose."

Similarly, like my father's portrait of Lincoln, bellicose leaders in the United States of America had at different points in the history of mankind, played this card of Defensive bellicosity for all it's worth; only a little differently. From Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan to George Bush-the-father, Bill the "racy" Clinton to George "the misunderestimated" Bush-the-son and maybe, just maybe, Hillary "I voted for it before I voted against it" Clinton, we've all heard and may continue to hear subtle war songs chanted all in the name of reasserting our superiority or responding to a provocation as the case may be.

Georgy the kid 'twas who, on March 20, 2003, rabidly took to fanning the amber that ignited an insurgence that has made Vietnam look like a child's Lego game. Through his Iraqi raid, that is. Surprisingly, more than three years on, Georgy the kid is still screaming blood - "everybody ĂȘtre prĂȘt pour troop escalation"- even with the execution of most (if not all) of Uncle Sam's real and conjured bogey men (Saddam et al)........

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In The Beginning

I am geting ready for my daily somatic aggrandizement. When the corpuscular light imbues her hair with its magenta indolence. I hope you will be there to see us.
Techpolitical discuss. Comming soon.....